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Christian Veliz

Christian Veliz was born and raised in Elizabeth, NJ. His parents are immigrants from Ecuador who worked hard to provide him with a better life in a new country. Growing up in a blue collar household, Christian witnessed firsthand the struggles immigrant parents face and how important government assistance programs are.

Christian attended the Elizabeth Public School System and was admitted to their gifted and talented program. In this program, he was introduced to cultural arts which interested him to pursue piano. At the age of 7, the music teacher at Victor Mravlag School No. 21 Mr. McNelly saw his potential and encouraged his parents to enroll him in the National Hispanic Youth Showcase competition which he went on to win 6 years in a row. In 1999, Christian was in the Hollywood feature film “The Bone Collector” with Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. Though he did not pursue a career in acting, he devoted a lot of time to community service and his local church Blessed Sacrament in Elizabeth, NJ.

Christian went to Kean University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. While attending college Christian was working full time as a substitute teacher in the Elizabeth public school district, and during the summers for the City of Elizabeth Department of Recreation as a piano teacher for children attending the summer program. In 2014, Christian attended a school board meeting to voice his opinion about a concern that he knew would affect the children of the district negatively. The next day he was terminated due to a corrupted school board. This motivated Christian to pursue higher education and was admitted to Harvard University in 2015.

Christian received his Master’s Degree from Harvard University in May 2018 along with a certification in Corporate Finance from Harvard Business School. While at Harvard, Christian had the opportunity to work on a business project in China which sparked his interest in Asian culture. Soon after, he met his wife Han Wu, a native of Harbin, China.

Christian is happily married with 2 beautiful little girls. Christian and his wife remotely operate a hospitality and car rental business in China and the Eastern U.S. Christian and his wife has actively protested in solidarity to stop hate against Asians in several major cities in the Northeast.