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Gun Safety

Jamel is a longstanding advocate for the safety of NJ residents with respect to guns. In February of 2013, the then-mayor coordinated a press conference in Cranford, NJ leading the mission towards peacetime on our streets alongside his peers. In this Mayors Against Illegal Guns rally, Jamel called on Governor Christie to strengthen state level gun laws. Now a state legislator, Jamel’s priorities remain focused intently on public safety having already been a primary sponsor of multiple bills to reduce gun violence – and all in the brief time he has been in office. Among those bills, Jamel has sought to disqualify persons with three drunk driving or refusals from purchasing a firearm. Moreover, Jamel has been a strong proponent of background checks in private gun sales. Jamel takes a strong stance on guns that is informed by the reality that rights are attached to responsibilities and we must not jeopardize anyone by placing the ability to kill in the hands of irresponsible or dangerous people.

Public Education

All levels of education are immensely dear to Jamel who knows that the enrichment of all children is vital to the success of not just that child, but everyone in the midst of that child as they grow into the man or woman they are meant to be. In that feeling, Jamel has supported initiatives focused on enriching children as individuals, such as a moratorium on the embattled PARCC test so that a way to administer it in a manner that will not undermine the child’s individual growth can be determined -- if it can be determined at all. Jamel has also pushed the creation of an advisory council to oversee the revisions of the core curriculum standards so as to ensure that there is a breadth of knowledge informing the way the children, the future of our state, don’t miss out on being enriched in the ways that are meaningful and bolster success.


Holding Exxon Accountable

Jamel is a strong believer in accountability and has converted this belief into action by signing onto Assembly Bill ACR226 condemning and rejecting the $225 million dollar settlement in the lawsuit with Exxon where the damages had originally been more than $8.5 billion. The low settlement has been attributed to political dealings but Jamel, however, is not willing to put politics above the well being of people. He is standing with other members of the legislature in condemnation of the minute offerings in what would be a historically low settlement for damages that would affect generations of New Jersey residents in his district.


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  • Jennifer Stormo
    commented 2022-04-08 01:17:18 -0400
    What an inspiration! God bless you!!! Thank you for being a truly good person.