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Help Newark Families

I am not going to divulge how disappointed I am with the leadership within this State on the handling of the water crisis our Newark community is facing.

However, as a State elected leader in Union County and former Mayor of the Borough of Roselle, I cannot idly stand by and watch our most vulnerable human beings: particularly our children, seniors, and families suffer from poisonous lead levels.

Now is not the time to point fingers.

I would like to focus solely on the immediate!

While I do not represent the City of Newark, nor do I reside in Essex County, my heart has propelled me to help.

I need your assistance! I am asking for all my Union County residents, #teamholley supporters, and those of you reading this post to please assist me in collecting cases of bottled water for our pre-schoolers, children, seniors, and families.

My relief team has two available drop off locations. At your convenience, can you please drop off cases of water to send to our brothers and sisters in need:

Elizabethport Presbyterian Center
184 First Street
Elizabeth, NJ
9a - 7p
Monday - Saturday
James Carey 908-576-5089

310 E 8th Ave
Roselle, NJ
10a - 2p
Tuesday - Friday
Ricky or Aeisha at 908-368-1331

I humbly thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart. I am hoping that you can help us at any level possible.

We welcome anyone that can help.


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