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Jamel Holley is a Democrat representing New Jersey’s 20th Legislative District. He’s been an outspoken leader for his constituents since his term started in 2015. Although we don’t agree on every issue, Jamel is a thoughtful, smart and effective voice who can look at issues beyond partisan politics and cut to the core issue of how something is impacting people.

He was a champion as Newark struggled through the lead water crisis and now he’s got your back again fighting for transparency as the government pushes for contact-tracing. Jamel stands with us on pushing back against this infringement on privacy and liberty. He’s unafraid to oppose the leaders in his own party when it comes to standing up for his constituents. He understands that New Jersey has to get back to normal business and the idea of essentially untrained college kids using personal laptops to probe into your personal and medical history is unsettling at best.

Very few members of our legislature have the courage to shout from the rooftops when something is clearly misguided and potentially more harmful than the virus it allegedly is designed to fight. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans by an approximately two to one, it’s important that Democrats start evaluating the leaders who are not acting in the best interest of the public. Where are the primary challenges to the bosses? From my perspective, it looks like Jamel Holley may be in a strong position to challenge Murphy in the Democratic primary in 2021.

He took on the incumbent Mayor in Roselle in the Democratic primary and despite being opposed by the ‘machine’, he won in June 2011. He went on to run unopposed and served as the youngest elected Mayor in the town’s history. Can he do it again, this time on a bigger stage? Time will tell. If you’re asking me I say, go get ‘em Jamel.

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